No lines, No Internet , No Electricity …no problem !

We have the a disaster recovery platform with the ability to provide you with a plan that even if there is no electricity and no lines, your staff may always receive and make calls.

Prepare for unexpected emergencies: Based on How Critical is  for your business not to receive calls or have internet for particular amount of times ?

Fully or Partial Operational Solution

Telephony / Internet

We can provide with a Fully operational Disaster Recovery  Solution , we can make that your entire staff could receive and make calls and have Internet backup solutions as well

Affordable Data / Severs Backup Solutions

Your Information is safe with our Cloud Services

HIPPA Compliance Level Backup Solutions.

  • Server Backup Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Backup and Recovery

Reasons for Planning :

Protect Company Revenue, stakeholders interest,  data protection, legal obligations, ease of business continuity of operations

Business Continuity Plan  (BCP)

Companies seek to protect their mission critical services and give themselves their best chance of survival. This measurement enables them to re-establish services to a fully functional level as soon and smoothly as possible. BCPs generally cover most critical business processes and operations.

STEPS for a Successful Disaster Recovery Planning:

  • Assesments of Risks
  • Impact Analysis
  • DR Developing Strategy per scenario
  • Planning Documentation
  • Real Time Testing
  • DR Plan Maintenance and Upgrades