It is known that providing the best customer service increases sales and bring loyalty, while having a top of the line communication’s environment where employees can reach out customers and communicate within the organization with ease.

We have the technology for your retail operation. Unified Communication effectively merges voice, data, video, chat, presence and mobility applications onto a single network platform and offers collaboration solutions to enhance the bottom line and customer service. From single storefronts, online retail, stores, contact centers  to national chains.

We can help you build the most robust communication network for your business from just a single location with one phone to integrations with Outlook, Salesforce or other major Online Customer relationship Management systems.  We are experts doing this and will help you design a state of the art solution that  better works for YOU.

How many times electricity goes down or Internet goes down , we help you out to keep those calls and transactions available  even if none of them are working.

We help you get those calls and not loose customers !

We provide different INTERNET solutions as well , Integrated Phone system , Cloud Phone System and Credit Card Processing.  We specialize in multisite – global locations with local numbers over 62 Countries.

Incorporating and customizing collaboration tools into the business streamlines operations, saves employees time, motivates employees and fosters better customer service. Real-time collaborative tools make it easier for retailers to manage multiple stores, reach employees wherever they are, at anytime, and hold daily meetings and employee training sessions.


  • Web and audio conferencing reduces travel and connects employees with customers and colleagues, at anytime, from any location, for real-time problem resolution, customer service and better decision-making.
  • Employees can move around the facility and stay in contact with customers using wireless DECT phones
  • Employee safety is heightened with ability to use cordless and mobile phones when moving around the facility or in unsafe environment
  • Find me/follow me makes employees reachable at all times
  • Cordless phones eliminate overhead paging in larger retail stores


Controlling your business …

  • Advertising:Track advertising per each property and media published and measure effectiveness and make sure each call generated by an advertising is answered , tracked and recorded
  • Call Recording for training purposes
  • Employee Management :With our systems you may see live the amount of Calls , get detail reports per employees , missed calls , made calls , answer calls etc.  Create webinars and training sessions as you pleased at no additional charge.