It is known that IP Communications and Collaboration is helping schools and universities to improve processes, attract more students, establish new marketing campaigns, distribution of the information, reduce costs, be able to integrate with other school branches and a s a key factor communication responsiveness for  SAFETY and SECURITY of the students against any threat , natural disaster or a 911 call from any classroom .

We are partnering with ZULTYS ,UC Award – Winning platform,  as we consider is one of the best Unified Communication Platform nowadays, specialize in covering each one of the above mentioned areas.

 Increased Safety & Security

  • Ability to react to situations and communicate immediately. For example, administrators can press a button on phone and connect to built-in speaker on a classroom phone.
  • Wireless and mobile support safeguards employees/students in and around building
  • Administrators and nurses immediately get a message of a 911 call in their email box with caller name and extension even if the phone was a remote device
  • In the event of an E911 emergency at any school, the Zultys system automatically notifies school authorities that a 911 call has been placed. Notification includes building location along with room/extension of 911 call to drastically improve emergency response time.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership/Increased Cost Savings

Telesphere Solutions offers private schools, K-12 school districts, and post-secondary colleges and universities the flexibility to invest in a single IP phone system to streamline communications across a dispersed network of multiple school locations, distance learning, remote and mobile personnel. This drastic reduction in required phone system and ancillary hardware at each location offers these savings

Integration with 3rd party SIP solution providers

The SIP-enabled Zultys MX250 easily integrates with school bells, paging, intercom, and emergency notifications:

  • Play school bells, announcements, and music over existing PA or intercom system
  • Send live pages and trigger emergency notifications from SIP phones
  • Send live pages for emergency notification to network audio players and client PCs and Macs
  • Send text and audio to IP message board/clock units

Ease of Management

  • When deployed as a district-wide implementation, IT staff can maintain and program all campuses with one single admin tool
  • Centralized web based management allows IT to quickly change calling privileges for teachers, guidance counselors and other staff from an easy-to-use interface
  • Move a phone from room to room without IT assistance
  • Ability for reporting on internal/external communications at no cost

Advanced Features:

Auto Attendant / IVR:

Using Auto Attendant/IVR, call handling can be customized by school or uniform across a district. Parents and other callers can press a button to reach the correct department without waiting for a staff member to answer. This is convenient to report an absence, request a transcript or get directions.It has the ability to route the call avoiding wait times to the right department or individual.

  • Ensureyour parents and teachers  are always accessible, whether at their desks,  on the road, or even at home — enabling them to take calls whenever and wherever they are.
  • Your Image from anywhere : Teachers could call from their cellphone appearing the main School phone number
  • Call Recording: You have the ability to Track and Record every call per extension ,Sales Groups, Customer Service, or all of them automatically or on demand.
  • Smart  Mobile Extension: Agents  are always accessible via their smart phones any place they may be— enabling them to take calls whenever and wherever they are.
    Mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android) allows faculty to make calls to parents. They can also see their call log, change their status, even secure IM to other teachers or administration while roaming the halls, lunchroom etc.
    Wireless connects personnel outside the building or mobile staff like security or maintenance to school administration and teachers, and enables effective communications during events, for receiving urgent messages, etc.
  • Presence: Your entire office can See who is available or on a meeting , busy , showing a property or may be any other status. Presence and chat via PC screen shows teachers availability to take calls 
  • Collaboration: Provide presentations, meeting, have conference calls with your group , from any place they may be.Built-in conference bridge allows multiple teachers to hold telephone meetings
  •  Advertising:Track advertising per each property and media published and measure effectiveness and make sure each call generated by an advertising is answered , tracked and recorded
  • Integration with most of Web based Customer Relationship Platforms and Outlook.
  • Faxes for Everyone
    You are able to assign a dedicated Fax to the people or groups you would like.
    So your staff can  send and receive faxes from their computers.   manage calls from parents and other teachers from office or from home, or from smartphones.
    You may assign a Fax per Department  and allow users to access them and send as part of their department.
  • International Calling: we offer excellent competitive rates that can be used from any phone
  • International Presence :  We could provide your office we local numbers in many countries worldwide.
  • Internet and Phone Lines:  We belong to one of the largest Master Carrier Distributors in the US .  That means we have the relationship with Corporate levels within the carriers , Therefore we could offer excellent prices  from the main carriers in your area,  make our recommendations , and make sure your company gets the right product, the right carrier  at the right price.

Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

We have the ability to provide you with a plan that even if there is no electricity and no lines , your staff may receive and make calls . Learn more


There Is an extensive reporting capacity as well as customization reports that can be delivered on a schedule matter to your email

Multisite Office Strategy

These is the area that we are the BEST !  We can integrate other branches to call between extensions, transfer calls from one office to another, add people from other offices to attend calls generated in a different location  and the most powerful part …Each Office can become  a real time – active redundancy office in case of any local emergencies , so calls can be attended and switched from one location to another.


Saving your current phone infrastructure:  you may have the advantage of most of the features even if you would like to keep your current phone infrastructure( after an evaluation of your communication system we may be able to integrate and provide the intelligence and Call Management  to your system – We are a Certified Zultys Partner , Award Winning  Platform – which we consider in today’s market has the greatest and most advance technology and features against the most renown unified communication platforms)