Communications play a very active and critical role in the business world . Companies are taking care of their communications systems as never before.

The world has changed, today we could reach and be reached any where we may be at a fraction of the cost while providing an excellent service to our customers, establish a great environment and flexibility to our employees, reduce dramatically communication cost and literally have the world in our hands.

Unified Communication effectively merges voice, data, video, chat, presence and mobility applications onto a single network platform and offers collaboration solutions to enhance the bottom line and customer service.

We at Telesphere Solutions are proud to provide and excel a detailed- oriented customer service experience from the time of the selection of your communications needs , design, implementation and post – implementation service.  We have the qualified personnel, knowledge and the experience your corporation requires to be your telecommunication ally.

Collaboration Across the Company

Be anywhere.  Reach anyone. Calls – Video – chat – Voice Mails – Faxing

Global Cost Reduction

Save time and money with Virtual Meetings and Conference Calls.  Apply the Smart Calling System   use the carrier that offer the best service and price automatically.
Reduce International Calling Cost.

Influence an improve Decision Making

Empower Employees to make better decisions having the information handily thanks to the enhanced collaboration tools.

Retain Customer Loyalty

Enhance Customer Service , let be reached  as fast as possible , know that there are people waiting  and get alerts, manage queue timing, get smart reports to your email, All in one communications platform allows  you to  control your business your way.

Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

We have the ability to provide you with a plan that even if there is no electricity and no lines , your staff may always receive and make calls from anywhere. Learn more