Communication between the patient and their doctors has become a critical issue ( topic) for the Patient, Medical Office and Hospitals

From the security, confidentiality and Hippa stand point , Medical offices and hospitals are improving and implementing best practices  and making sure the communication between the patient and the doctor is effective , confidential and remains secure .

From the Patient Side:

Patients want to communicate in a quickly manner. They hate the waiting and hold time. They would like to talk with the nurse, or leave a message an have a fast response.

Due to the higher demand on medical services, a simple call to make an appointment could take over 30 minutes or become a hassle calling several times until somebody answers.  Patients would like to have a quick response and get their request fast.

From the medical Office:

Sometimes the amount of patients calling is overwhelmed for the medical office staff as well.  Patients complain they have to call 3 times to get the appointment and that nurses are not returning calls.

Receiving and sending Faxes is a major issue yet in medical offices. This process is taking away an important amount of time of the staff ,while spending money on toners and the hassle of the logistics to keep well organized the faxing process.

From the System:

Today  medical offices are being monitored to follow different procedures, and be Hippa compliance including the phone and IT areas. We have being helping making the patient – doctor relationship a secure and trusted environment.

The Telesphere Solution:

We have partner up with the most advance state of the art phone system brands to help improve each one of the issues that in today’s market makes the difference and provides the most efficient patient care.

Application for  Healthcare Area:

Queuing: See current amount of people calling in detail , so in case you need more people answering the phone at that time , you may do so on the fly.

Managing WaitingTimes:Provide the ability to Send calls after X amount of time on hold  to either a VoiceMail , other staff in the practice or other branch offices , for instance. Or simply give the patient the power of leave the queue at anytime and leave a message in the corresponding voice mail.

VIP Calls: You may have some VIP Patients that everytime they call you may give them priority over other calls

Adding staff to Pick up Calls: Proactively You may allow or even force some agents that when there are X amount of Calls in Queue they can put themselves available to receive those calls.

Faxing for Everyone

You are able to assign a dedicated Fax to the people or groups you would like.
So your staff can  send and receive faxes from their computers.
You may assign a Fax per Department  and allow users to access them and send as part of their department.


You may be able to communicate with the nurses even whether they are on their cellphones  , computers or any place in asecure – encrypted matter , and see who is available as well.


Reminder of appointments , birthdays , promotions it could  be a costly per month Fee. We help reduce that fee with our automations and integartions with EMR Systems.

Call Recordings:

We could select particular extensions, inbound calls,  outbound calls , on demand or all the calls, so you could go back to a particular call for training or just to monitor selected conversations and see what the nurse or the patient said.

Video Conferences and Collaboration – encrypted

You may have the ability to generate a video conference call , share your desktop screen, start a presentation or all together from any place you may be.

Automatic transfer to Answering services:

The system can automatically deviates the call after hours to wherever you may decide , even to different nurses on call  per day.

Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

We have a disaster recovery platform with the  ability to provide you with a plan that even if there is no electricity and no lines , your staff may receive and make calls. Learn more

Calling patients from your own cellphones

Imagine that a doctor or a nurse may call a patient from wherever they may be and the caller Id will be your Main Office or Hospital number.


There Is an extensive reporting capacity as well as customization reports that can be delivered on a schedule matter to your email

Multisite Office Strategy

These is the area that we are the BEST !  We can integrate medical Offices to call between extensions, transfer calls from one office to another, add people from other offices to attend calls generated in a different location  and the most powerful part …Each Office can become  a real time – active redundancy office in case of any local emergencies , so calls can be attended and switched from one location to another.


Conclusion: Your practice or Hospital could provide the best customer experience besides the opportunity to attract in a very cost – effective way new patients with our advanced state-of-the-art and affordable technology along with our system designing experience  in the area, constant support, care  and guidance.